About Us

The Southwestern Ontario Film Alliance, or SOFA for short, represents the screen-based content industry and the many actors, directors, filmmakers, designers and technicians who call this region home. We are the first point-of-contact for producers and location managers looking for fresh new backdrops for their next production.  We advocate for the industry with governments, funding bodies, broadcasters and distributors and we collaborate with regional tourism bodies who want to encourage film productions in their areas.  We encourage the next generation of content creators through mentorship and training programs.

Who We Are

The Southwestern Ontario Film Alliance has assembled a board of experienced advisors that are dedicated to the Alliance’s goals to encourage training opportunities, to create jobs, to attract investment and to build a sustainable film and television production industry in Southwestern Ontario.

Our Goals


To support diverse local talent in Southwestern Ontario by creating a network where contacts can be made and new voices can be heard.


To lobby higher levels of
government, broadcasters and funders, to place area of the province on a level playing field with other parts of Ontario to spread the economic, tourism and job creation benefit of an industry undergoing massive expansion.


To establish Southwestern Ontario as one of the most sought-after destinations for film and television production in the province.