We Are The Southwestern Ontario Film Alliance (SOFA)​

We are the champions and advocates for screen-based content in Southwestern Ontario.  Our focus is to attract and support film and television productions and capitalize on the scenic locations and historic backdrops we have to offer.  With an existing talent pool of creative professionals, skilled technicians and emerging creators,  we can help bring your next idea to the screen. Welcome to the Southwestern Ontario Film Alliance.

What's Been Shot

Check out some of the past productions filmed in Southwestern Ontario


Southwestern Ontario is the region west of the Greater Toronto Area from Guelph/Wellington County in the East to Windsor in the West, bounded by Lake Huron and Georgian Bay to the North and Lake Erie to the South.  It’s a vast region, home to nearly three million people with beautiful scenery, rural landscapes and towns and villages that reflect any era.  

Want to get involved?

If you are an ACTOR, FILMMAKER, WRITER, DESIGNER, COMPOSER,  MUSICIAN, PRODUCER, DIRECTOR, STUDENT CREATOR or just someone who dreams of being in the film and television industry, please sign up to be a part of SOFA and let your voice be heard.